Gaudamandala ( Joel Loison) is practicing Vedic astrology since 10years  under the inspiration of Nalini Khanta , 
a great Vedic  astrologer Who is residing in  Florida . 
Gaudamandala was initiated in the brahmanical tradition in  1980 , then he studied Sanskrit and vaisnava philosophy for many years .
Now staying in New Mayapura , France,he got diploma in Jyotish from Dirah academy , Holland.


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1.BASIC CHART READING 78             Pay
( document  about 5 pages )  

Usely this reading  is enought to get a clear picture of the general destiny and get the answer to all the questions  of the moment
in all the areas of life .

you will get :


2.COMPLETE BIRTH CHART READING : 156           Pay                          See example reading       

It is a reading that can be used for decpicting the destiny of a child as it is a complete study of : character , habilities, and so on
+ all what is mentionned below .  It can be used also for a person who want a complete astrological study of their life .

You will find:

- your birth star
- your sun sign
- a description of character and general destiny
- the answer to all your asked questions
- the analyse of the present period of your life and the next few years
- the personnal remedial measure ( talisman and mantras ) to correct bad destiny .

Please give me by e-mail, snail mail  or  phone  the followings informations :
- First and last name
- Date of birth,
- place of birth,
- Time of birth.

- A list of questions that you have at the moment .
More you will ask questions , more the horoscope will be precise .
- Join also a brief description of the actual situation according to each question.

Give also :

-Your phone number
-your  e-mail,


3. PRASNA OR QUESTION : 26          Pay

With the prasna , you can ask any question on any subject from your life . You can also ask a question for a person
that you are  bound by karma or relationship ( like a family member , partner etc...)



This consultation is for answering yours questions and talk about your present situation . ( for more efficiency , it is recommended to give the birth data in advance and take appointment for the reading) . 
The conversation is  recorded in mp3 audio format and sent to you  by email .


5. HOROSCOPE OF THE YEAR 120        Pay

The Horoscope of the year is done only if you have previously done your basic or complete horoscope !

You will get the main lines of your destiny through the year and  all the answers to your questions that you asked for !
Be it in any areas : family , health, travel , work and so on ...


6. COMPATIBILITY : 108       Pay

- Useful for a good preparation in marriage or union . You will know the longevity of the relationship and the different
points on which you have to work on so that family life can be peaceful .
You will also discover  the chances to have kids , the prosperity you can achieve together and many other things ...

- you can make this study for any business partnership also

I will need for both :




tel :        00 .

mobile :



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